2012 Primary Election Results

Thank you to all who helped with my campaign.

Greg Collett: 1,927 (34.0%)
Gayle L. Batt: 3,737 (66.0%)

Greg Collett

2012 Campaign Announcement

My name is Greg Collett and I am running as a Republican for the office of State Representative - Position A, District 11.

It’s time to end business as usual at the statehouse.  Is there any difference between the current Republican legislators, like my opponent, and the liberal Democrat legislators since over 70% of the bills signed into law so far this year were passed unanimously?  Only a small fraction of these bills would have garnered my support.  It is time to elect someone with the courage and knowledge to consistently apply constitutional principles, rather than somebody who merely claims to be “consistently conservative”.

It’s time to reject special interests.  My opponent was a former lobbyist and her husband is currently a lobbyist.  Since being appointed (not elected) to the legislature, she has never recused herself from voting on bills her husband lobbied for to avoid a conflict of interest.  It is time to elect someone with integrity, who will work for the people, rather than somebody with ties to the establishment.

As a husband, father, independent contractor, hobby farmer, and limited government advocate, I will work to help Idaho become the leader in education, job creation, and a sound economy.  I will push for full transparency in government, lower taxes, and reduced spending.  As your representative, I will strictly support a government that fulfills its proper role of securing our individual, God-given rights.  A free and prosperous Idaho will strengthen America.