Automated Phone Call

The following automated phone call was sent out Friday, May 11:

Hi, this is Greg Collett and I am calling to encourage you to vote for me in the Republican Primary next Tuesday.  To contact me, or to learn more about my pro-life, free market economy positions, you can visit my website at

My opponent, Gayle Batt, has a pretty good gig going.  While her husband lobbies for bills as a professional registered lobbyist, she turns around and votes for them.  Let’s put an end to this conflict of interest and say “no” to special interests with a vote for Greg Collett.

You and I both know that government grows bigger each year.  My opponent voted for 97% of the 343 bills that passed this year, making her part of the problem, not the solution.  We cannot continue to vote for the same legislators over and over and expect a different result.

Your vote for Greg Collett will be a vote for honesty, knowledge, and the courage to implement a government that conforms to its proper role.