Idaho Press-Tribune Essay

My name is Greg Collett and I am running as a Republican for the office of State Representative - Position A, District 11.

It’s time to end business as usual at the statehouse.  The incumbents may try to pose as “conservatives”, but sadly their voting records do not concur.  Does anyone really think that our government is getting smaller; that we have less regulations and more freedom?  Can anyone make a legitimate argument that our state is protecting us from the overreach of the federal government?

Year after year the politicians at the statehouse pass hundreds of bills governing every aspect of our lives.  During this past legislative session over half of the more than 300 bills that became law were passed unanimously, with another large portion receiving only token opposition.  My opponent only deviated from the majority less than 3% of the time.

We cannot continue to elect the same people to represent us and expect a different result.  It is time to elect someone with the courage and knowledge to consistently apply constitutional principles.  Because I understand the proper role of government– securing our individual God-given rights– and because I am willing to stand on my principles rather than toe the party line, only a small fraction of those bills would have garnered my support.

It is time to reject special interests.  My opponent was a former lobbyist and her husband is currently a lobbyist.  Since being appointed to the legislature, she has not recused herself from voting on any of the bills listed in her husband’s Lobbyist Expenditure reports in order to avoid a conflict of interest.  It is time to elect someone with integrity, who will work for the people, rather than somebody with ties to the establishment.

A recent report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group ranked Idaho dead last among all the states on government transparency.  There is no excuse for this.  We need to bring transparency to our state government.

As a husband, father, independent contractor, hobby farmer, and limited government advocate, I will work to help Idaho become the leader in education, job creation, and a sound economy.  I will push for full transparency in government, lower taxes, and reduced spending.  As your representative, I will strictly support a government that fulfills its proper role of securing our individual, God-given rights.  A free and prosperous Idaho will strengthen America.