Idaho Statesman

Idaho Statesman Voter Guide

How will you vote on the Students Come First referenda? Why?

I will vote no. We need to stop wasting time and taxpayer dollars on band-aid solutions for a terminal illness. There is no amount of internal reform that can solve the problems inherent with public education. It is time to apply the principles of good government to the educational realm and transition our public school system back to the private sector. If the goal is academic success, then it is imperative that the people of Idaho support a government that will limit itself to securing our rights-- including the right of parents to determine how their children will be educated.

Taxpayers across Idaho have been asked to raise property taxes to make up for lower state support of K-12 schools. How do you intend to deal with state education budget issues? Be specific.

Property taxes directly violate our right to own and control property, so it is unconscionable that they would be used as a means to force citizens to pay for the education of others. The state would have no education budget issues if they would transition the public schools back to the private sector. This could be accomplished within a very short time frame by removing federal control through interposition by the state, followed by removal of state level and school district control, thus allowing each school to function autonomously with pass through funding as they prepared for private control. Funding could then be shifted over to the private sector by eliminating all taxes allocated for education.

Do you support ethics reform and, if so, what changes would you make? For legislators? For state officials?

I think the legislature can deal with ethical concerns internally for the most part. I don't think that legislators or state officials should ever receive special treatment if the judicial system does have to get involved. Ultimately, the voters will have their say. I do think that honesty and integrity is important in office and conflicts of interest should not only be disclosed, but avoided.

Do you support legislation requiring women seeking abortions to get an ultrasound? Why?

No, elective abortions should be criminalized as murder. The government should not require medical procedures for anyone, and it certainly does not make sense to authorize an abortion simply because a medical procedure has occurred first. Would anyone authorize a murder if the hit man videotapes the victim first? Those legislators who allow the authorization of abortion to continue have the blood of innocent babies on their hands.

What did the Legislature get right this year? What did it get wrong?

I don't think the legislature did anything useful that really stands out this year. It was a typical year of bureaucratic rubber stamping. Over half the bills that became law were passed unanimously with another quarter receiving only toke opposition. With hundreds of bills being passed each year it is easy to see the trend towards bigger government despite the rhetoric to the contrary. It is time to end business as usual at the statehouse.

What should voters know about you as a person?

I have been happily married to my wife, Kelly, for sixteen years. We were foster parents for five years before becoming adoptive parents to eight of our ten children. We home school our children and enjoy raising our family milk cows and chickens. I am an independent software developer and work mostly from home. We are active in our church and in the Boy Scouts of America organization.

Why are you running for office?

I am very concerned with the current situation of our country and state. Our government at both levels has lost all semblance of being a constitutional republic. We could restore government to its proper role at the state level if legislators had the knowledge and courage to do so. The federal government could be checked through the interposition of the state (nullification) and our state government could be restructured as a republic using the federal constitution as a guide. We must get back to the basic principles of good government if we are to survive as a nation.

Give an example of how you worked successfully — personally or professionally — alongside someone with different political viewpoints from your own. What about this experience surprised you?

I had a coworker who voted for Obama. We would have political discussions all the time, but it did not affect our professional work and we remain friends.