Republican Party Candidate Disclosure

Candidate Disclosure:

“I have read the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions specifically noted
below, I support the Idaho Republican Party Platform and accept it as the standard by which my
performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a
candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

** Exceptions are noted as inline comments to the actual text of the Idaho Republican Platform.
I have struck out the text I do not agree with and inserted highlighted relevant comments.





We believe the strength of our nation lies with our faith and reliance on God our Creator,

the individual, and the family; and that each person's dignity, freedom, ability and

responsibility must be honored.

We believe the United States Constitution is the greatest and most inspired document

ever devised by Man, and that the republican form of government which it gives us is the

best guarantor of freedom in history.

We believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race,

creed, sex, age or disability.

We believe free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought this Nation

opportunity, economic growth and prosperity.

We believe government must practice fiscal responsibility, and that taxpayers shall allow

the government only the money necessary to provide appropriate functions.

We believe the proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical

functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations.

The proper role of government is to secure our God-given, individual rights.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by
their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit
of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
their just powers from the consent of the governed...”

~ Declaration of Independence

We believe the most effective, responsible and responsive government is government

closest to the people. That government is best that governs least.

We believe Americans must retain the principles that have made us strong, while

developing new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of changing times.

The principles of good government do not change with time. They should be held inviolate.

We believe Americans value and should preserve our national strength and pride while

working to promote peace, freedom and human rights throughout the world.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” ~ Proverbs 16:18

We believe that the rights of individuals can only be maintained by exercising personal

responsibility for behavior.

We believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into

positive and successful principles of government.

The Republican Party has a long track record of violating these ideals, both nationally and here in
Idaho. I will put principle over party.

We therefore adopt the following Platform:


A. Fiscal Responsibility

1. The Idaho Republican Party recognizes that all government is financed by

taxing its citizens. We believe the size and cost of government, as well as

the national debt, must be reduced.

Government is financed in ways other than taxation.

2. We believe Social Security must be stabilized, diversified, and privatized to

allow expansion of individual retirement options.

Government should not be involved in retirement programs.

3. We believe in a balanced budget and support congressional action to pass a

balanced budget amendment.

We do not need to pass any amendments (especially considering the fact that politicians ignore
the constitution anyway); rather, we should elect representatives to Congress who are actually
willing to balance the budget.

4. We believe the unnecessary growth of government has a negative impact on

both the conduct of business and our individual lives. We endorse the

review of all government programs and encourage their assumption by

private enterprise or local government where appropriate and workable.

Programs which are not cost effective or have outlived their usefulness

should be terminated.

5. We expect the government entity which mandates a program to provide the

funding for its implementation.

B. Taxation

1. We support lower federal, state, and local taxes. High taxes are a burden on

businesses, families, and individuals. Family members are required to spend

more time working and less time teaching the next generation. Cost to the

consumer for products and services increase when taxes are increased.

There is no requirement placed on families, although the situation described has unfortunately
been followed by many. Also, the cost of goods and services are only increased under certain
types of taxation.

2. We believe that tax reductions can be achieved by cutting spending on every

level: federal, state, and local. We believe that lower taxes will result in

increased revenue to the government as the private sector will thrive.

Increased revenue should not be the goal. Reduced revenue and spending should be the goal.

3. We believe Idaho’s tax structure should be predictable, fair, and balanced;

and that the combination of our income, sales, and property taxes will

continue to provide a stable, dependable source of income for governmental


All these types of taxation are unfair and immoral, with property taxes in particular undermining
the very basis of private property. I favor a voluntary capitation tax.

4. We support true government transparency that allows the public to review all

local, state, and federal government expenditures, contracts, and audits

online. We support uniform accounting systems that allow taxpayers to

compare and analyze government spending trends.

5. We believe that Idaho Citizens should not and or shall not be taxed for

federally mandated health care.

6. We believe voter’s approval should be required prior to approval of debt financed

city projects. Municipal laws that allow public dollars to be

converted to private use and government entities to compete against the

private sector or divert public money to special projects without support of

the taxpayer, must be repealed.

Government should never compete against the private sector even if the taxpayers would support

C. Reform of Congress

1. The Idaho Republican Party support an overhaul of the legislative process in

congress to allow (1) more time for members to study legislation; (2) more

opportunity for citizens to testify at hearings; (3) debate on legislation

before the members, rather than speeches in empty chambers for the C-span

audience; (4) objections to the inclusion of unrelated subject matter in a

single bill, (5) more oversight and transparency in the earmark process, and

an end to abuse and use of earmarks for financial gain to a member; (6) and

a more orderly process for consideration of legislation, similar to that of the

Idaho Legislature.

The Idaho Legislature has its own share of problems with the process of legislation; I would
certainly not hold it up as an example. Also, if Congress was operating within the limits of the
constitution, there would be no need for earmarks.

2. Idaho Republicans will continue to lead the fight to reduce the growth of

government bureaucracy and promote private enterprise and individual

initiative in the marketplace as the solution to our domestic policy


Idaho Republicans have been behind the growth of government bureaucracy, even though they
should be leading the fight to reduce it.

3. We support restoration of the constitution’s checks and balances that protects

the rights and sovereignty of the states by repealing the 17th amendment.

D. Sound currency

1. We recognize the failure of the Federal Reserve System Congress to maintain a sound

U.S. dollar and the danger of mercantile banks controlling the issuance of

our currency. We believe the Federal Reserve Bank should be abolished

and the issuing power restored to the people with the stipulation that the

U.S. dollar be backed by gold and silver. We believe Idahoans need to

protect their savings from the ravages of inflation, which is hidden taxation,

and encourage citizens to participate in a systematic acquisition of precious

metals which represent real value as opposed to paper currencies.

Congress failed in their duty by creating the Federal Reserve, and neither Congress nor the
Federal Reserve has the right to issue currency. Congress may only coin (stamp) money and
regulate the value, and the states must not make anything except gold and silver coin a tender in
payment of debts. The problems of inflation would be resolved if these measures were followed.

E. State Legislature

1. We encourage continued strong support for our state legislature, directed by

Republicans for more than three decades, as well as our elected

constitutional officers, and for the manner in which they work together to

balance the budget and improve Idaho’s economy.

Since the budget must be balanced in Idaho as required by the state constitution, it does not
matter who the legislators are in that matter. The state legislature, including Republicans, has not
done anything substantiative to improve the economy even though it could easily be done by
removing regulations and licensing requirements.

2. We support the current move to zero-based budgeting or other appropriate

budgeting techniques. We believe growth can be attained in a sound,

responsible manner by holding taxes down, granting business incentives,

and refusing to grant excessive demands for increased spending.

Granting business incentives usually involves unfair practices or the government stepping outside
its proper role. Any demands for increased spending should be refused.

3. We support reduction the elimination of Idaho’s income tax rates, and encourage a reduction

in the elimination of property taxes whenever possible.

Both these types of taxation are unfair and immoral, with property taxes in particular
undermining the very basis of private property. I favor a voluntary capitation tax.

4. We believe the State of Idaho should strongly assert its sovereignty under the

10th amendment to the U. S. Constitution. It has now come about that the

accumulated usurpations by the Federal Government of Idaho’s state

sovereignty has reached a point of complete intolerance. The Idaho

Republican Party hereby recommends that the Idaho Legislature and

Governor nullify any and all existing and future unconstitutional federal

mandates and laws, funded or unfunded, that infringe on Idaho’s 10th

Amendment sovereignty. We also recommend that the State of Idaho

continue to request funding and assistance from the Federal Government

which complies with the Constitutional provision of the 10th Amendment,

and recommend that the State of Idaho resist the withholding of federal

funds as a means of forced compliance with the unconstitutional federal

mandates and laws.

Idaho does not receive its sovereignty from the 10th Amendment; the 10th Amendment simply
makes it clear that the federal government has limited powers. Idaho should not request funding
nor assistance from the federal government; rather, the federal government should control and
operate its legitimate functions.

5. We support the right of every qualified citizen to seek elective office, affirm

the right of voters to vote for the candidate of their choice, recognize the

need for experience and institutional memory in elective office, and oppose

the imposition of term limits in Idaho.

“Experience” and institutional memory has led to a “business as usual” environment in
government. While I am not against elected officers serving as long as their constituents allow,
there is certainly no “need” for career politicians.

6. We support amending the Idaho Constitution, Section 2, Article III, as

follows: Strike paragraph (2), (3), (4), (5), and (6). These sections refer to

reapportionment of the State Legislature by an appointed commission

F. Constitutional Amendments

1. We have one of the most protective Constitutions in the county with regard

to providing the citizens the final say before local governments can incur

debt or liability beyond what can be paid for in a single year. This has

protected the Idaho citizens since the founding of our state. Recent efforts

to reduce the protections of Article 8, Section 3 by local governments that

seek to devise a way to remove the requirement of a public vote before long

term debt or liability is incurred is one of the most alarming proposals our

Constitution has ever faced. Such a change would open the floodgates of

overly optimistic projects that would be paid for by escalating fees paid for

by the citizens. We oppose the incomplete ballot question on HJR005, as it

is different than the text of the amendment itself. We demand that the

Legislature never again present amendments to the people unless the ballot

language is identical to the language of the amendment. We hold our

Constitution highly, and oppose its amendment unless an overwhelming

need is thoroughly proven.

The Idaho Constitution is rife with communist, fascist, and socialistic ideas and is certainly not a
document I hold highly. While it does currently serve as the law in Idaho, I advocate replacing
our state constitution with a new document patterned after the U.S. Constitution, or at the very
least, amending it to accomplish that purpose.


The Idaho Republican Party recognizes that the future of this great state lies with our

faith and reliance on God our Creator, in our strong efforts to uphold family values, and

in the quality of education provided for its citizens. We believe that successful education

is the a joint responsibility of parents the individual, the family, and the community. As with

government in general, we believe the most effective, responsible and responsive

educational system is that system closest to the people.

Parents have both the God-given right and the responsibility to educate their children. While
parents may choose to utilize the resources of family and community, the burden of education
does not fall on those institutions.

We recognize the importance of early childhood education. We also believe that the

needs of early childhood education are best met by individuals, families and private

sector. Only in the rarest of situations should government assume the responsibilities

reserved to parents.

Government has no place in education other than to protect the rights of parents.

We believe parents have the right to educate their children at home, that court rulings that

undermine these rights devalue the important role of parents and family in a child’s


We support efforts to improve our public school system. We also recognize that more

government spending does not necessarily generate improved schools.

The public school system should be transitioned to the private sector to restore the rights of
parents over the education of their children.

We believe in improving the quality of education for every child by maximizing parental

choice through expanded support for public charter schools, public virtual charter

schools, school choice programs, and accountable public school systems. We believe all

public school students are entitled to our support, and to fair and equitable funding.

School choice is available outside the public school system without the need for governmental
regulation. Choices within the public school system simply enhance the negative results of
public education and are being used as a tool to expand the reach of control. Funding for public
education is a form of legalized plunder.

We believe that educational priorities must focus on early childhood reading

development, teaching basic academic skills, providing additional opportunities for

students to excel, and graduating students with employable skills.

Parents should decide the education priorities of their children.

We believe that the stability of a republican form of government depends on our citizens

having an adequate education and understanding of both the State of Idaho’s and the

United States Constitutions. Therefore, we strongly support the teaching of these

this documents and the Federalist Papers, which best explain the creation and meaning of the
United States Constitution.

The Idaho Constitution cannot reasonably be held up as an example of a republican form of

We believe Idaho's public school system should provide quality education in a

disciplined and safe environment. This system should provide the basic skills that permit

our children to function as literate citizens.

Discipline and education should be left to parents.

We strongly support vocational programs and continuing education programs that

recognize the need to provide good alternatives to college educational programs.

We recognize the importance of Idaho's higher education system in continuing the

education of our citizens. The education and research that occurs at our institutions of

higher learning contributes substantially to a vigorous economy, heightened competition

and a vibrant participatory government.

Public institutions of higher education should also be transitioned to the private sector.

We are proud of our many dedicated, professional teachers and educators who have

committed their lives to educating Idaho's children. We value the contribution our

teachers make to our society. We support the efforts to reward great teachers for their

hard work. We support efforts to create a career ladder for teachers so that our best

educators are willing to remain in the classroom and work with our children.

The private sector should determine the compensation and career structure, if any, for teachers.

We believe that in order for public education to be successful, schools and families

should work together with mutual respect and cooperation.

Successful education would best be accomplished in the private sector.

We call for responsible management, focused goals and direction, and increased

accountability from our public school system.

We recognize the increasing role of technology in society. We encourage policymakers

and educators to be leaders in promoting such new opportunities.

Promoting new technology is not the proper role of government.

We believe competition produces excellence in education, and that parents have the right

to choose which schools their children attend. We support the right of parents to pursue

private parochial and home school options. Tax credits for non-use of public schools and

other forms of parental choice should be encouraged as competitive options for educating


Excellence in education is not necessarily tied to competition, although I have nothing against
competition. Tax credits do not solve the actual problem.

We value the important role played by our private, independent, and parochial schools,

colleges and universities.


The Republican Party recognizes that agriculture is and will continue to be a fundamental

and necessary industry in Idaho, our nation, and the entire world.

We believe The Republican Party advocates that the American farmer can compete freely

and trade fairly in foreign markets. We recognize that the primary function of

government in agriculture should be service, research, and the promotion of markets. We

oppose the use of an embargo of agricultural products as an instrument of foreign policy.

The proper role of government– to secure our individual rights– does not include service,
research, and promotion of agricultural markets. Markets should be free, unencumbered by
government programs.

We must recognize that water is vital to Idaho agriculture and other industries.

Modification of Idaho's historic water laws must be considered with extreme caution. The

federal government shall not infringe upon state jurisdiction over Idaho water.

We endorse the preservation and strengthening of the family farm unit as the foundation

of agriculture and one of the basic strengths of this nation.


We reaffirm our commitment to the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution: "No person

shall be ... deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor shall

private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

The rights to own, use, care for, and market property is a fundamental tenet of all free

nations. The vigilant protection of private property rights safeguards for citizens

everything of value.

We support strong enforcement of the "takings" clause to keep citizens secure in the use

and development of their property.

We oppose any federal, state or local regulation that would diminish a property owner's

right to develop his property in a positive and productive way.

Government should never dictate the use of individual property. Only if the use of property
violates the rights of others is there potential cause for government involvement.

Because state and federal governments administer the majority of Idaho lands, we need to

limit and, if possible, reduce the amount of land owned or administered by the

government. We affirm to all government officials and employees that property rights are

not granted by the government - rather, government is directed by the governed to protect

the rights of private property owners.

Government owned land should be reduced to a minimum. The federal government is limited by
the constitution; the state constitution should be amended to likewise restrict state land
ownership for legitimate purposes.


The Idaho Republican Party recognizes that the quality of our natural environment can be

protected and enhanced while having reasonable, orderly growth.

We believe there should be greater emphasis on multiple uses, local control, and minimal

government regulation, and that federal regulations shall not restrict the sovereignty of

the State of Idaho.

There is no need for land use or environmental regulations; rather, there should be criminal
responsibility for pollution offences and other environmental crimes.

We believe the administration of federal environmental policy must be modified. We

recognize that all federal acts, statutes, management plans, initiatives, and orders (such as

the Interior Columbia River Basin Management Plan, Endangered Species Act, Clean Air

Act, and the Clean Water Act) must be based on full evaluation of all relevant factors,

including peer-reviewed scientific data. These evaluations must give equal consideration

to potential human suffering caused by restriction or elimination of basic human needs

such as jobs, energy and overall quality of life. We support federal and state measures to

re-establish the primacy of state government for implementation of environmental policy.

The federal government has no legitimate jurisdiction over environmental issues.

We recognize Idaho’s need for the utilization of natural resources for Idaho’s economic

growth and for the benefit of all Idahoans. The dimensions and boundaries of our

wilderness area should be determined by Idahoans. The remaining road less areas should

be released for multiple uses.

Idaho should seek to privatize as much land as possible.

We advocate congressional action to limit presidential authority in creating or expanding

national parks and monuments pursuant to the Antiquities Act.

We advocate reasonable management for the protection of Idaho soils, aquifers and

surface waters from contamination from all sources.

Contamination of waters should be treated as a crime, with the responsibility residing on those
who cause it.

We support the concept of forest health because it promotes long-term land use including

livestock grazing, timber, wildlife, recreation, mining and all other beneficial forest uses

for the people of Idaho.

We encourage the State of Idaho to seek authority to oversee the utilization of natural

resources on federal lands within the state.

The federal government should not own land within the state of Idaho unless it is in compliance
with the constitution.


We recognize the great importance of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to Idaho's

economy. This facility is one of the State’s largest private employers. The staff is highly

skilled and highly educated. The work done at INL is crucial to both private commerce

and to our nation’s defense.

Research in safety in the production of nuclear energy is crucial to our nation's future.

We support research and development missions that provide safe, economical nuclear

power. We also support new nuclear technology that has greater safety, produces less

waste, and resists proliferation.

We support the formation of partnerships between federal, state and local governments

and private utility companies to build generating nuclear plants in Idaho.

We endorse the agreement developed by former Governor Philip E. Batt as the best

possible alternative to contain and diminish any possibility of nuclear contamination of

Idaho's environment.

We commend our congressional delegation for its steadfast support of INL. We

encourage the delegation, the state, DOE Idaho, and INL management to assure

continued research and development, transfer of technology, new missions, and

development of alternative energy treatments and storage methods. We support their

continued efforts to secure the opening of long-term storage sites.

There is no need for a party statement regarding the INL. In the eyes of government, it should be
treated as any other company.


The Idaho Republican Party recognizes the value of wildlife resources for the state.

We encourage the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) to manage fish and

wildlife to enhance fishing and hunting and hunting opportunities for Idahoans and the

tourist industry, while respecting private property rights of landowners.

The proper role of government does not include enhancing tourism or providing recreational

We oppose federal designations which restrict or eliminate hunting and fishing and

access for all our citizens on public lands in Idaho.

We reaffirm the Idaho Republican Party's opposition to reintroduction of wolves and

grizzlies into Idaho.


The Idaho Republican Party encourages the broadening and strengthening of Idaho's base

of commerce and industry built on agriculture, timber, mining, manufacturing,

processing, technology, and energy through private enterprise and free market means.

We support balanced multiple use of our natural resources and all associated businesses.

This can be achieved through encouraging economic development in the areas of

manufacturing, processing, technology, energy, tourism and other industries, as well as

providing a friendly business climate under which our natural resource industries at state

and national levels can thrive.

The private sector should be left to develop and use natural resources as needed without
government interference.

Transportation is an integral part of commerce and industry, essential for movement of

goods and people in the State of Idaho. We call upon the federal government to recognize

that transportation needs are vastly different in western states than in eastern states, and

request that regulatory oversight reflect recognition of those differences.

The federal government should not have regulatory oversight over transportation other than the
establishment of post roads.

We call upon railroads to increase service levels to better serve the State of Idaho in

movement of goods. We believe that restrictions being proposed by the federal

government in the road-less conservation plan will have undue and unnecessary negative

impact on the natural resource industry, and subsequently on Idaho’s rural economy.

Decisions on service levels should be left to private railroad companies responding to free market

A competitive market, free of undue governmental competition, restriction, coercion, or

interference, is critical to Idaho's economic well-being.

Economic markets should be completely free from all government interference.

We recognize that the United States of America uses a system of free enterprise and

capitalism wherein individuals work for profits and rewards and are entitled to the

product of their efforts. When government appropriates private property or investment

expectations, full restitution shall be made, including reimbursement of legal and interest


“... nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” ~ Amendment
5, U.S. Constitution

Support innovative and responsible programs by industry to reduce pollution in every

practical way Government should intervene only where such efforts fail or must be

supplemented by law.

Pollution should be treated as a crime, not preemptively via regulation.

State government and private enterprise must work cooperatively toward development

and growth of the convention and tourism business, which is becoming increasingly

important to Idaho's future.

Government should not be involved in convention and tourism businesses.

We endorse economic development and expansion in Idaho and pledge to make every

effort to provide a business climate that will attract such growth. We support greater

cooperative efforts between the Idaho Department of Commerce and Labor, and the

business community to promote economic development, with increased emphasis on

depressed rural economies in Idaho.

The Department of Commerce should be abolished along with the Project 60 plan.

We support adequate funding of Idaho's Constitutional Defense Fund for the legal

defense of Idaho's sovereignty in issues including, but not limited to, the balanced use of

Idaho's land, agriculture, mining, timber, manufacturing, processing, and energy

resources and their associated businesses.

Defending the state of Idaho from federal usurpation can be done through nullification measures.
If legal response is required due to reaction from the federal government, the Attorney General
can properly handle the case with existing resources.


The Idaho Republican Party recognizes the critical importance of water to this state. We

will aggressively defend Idaho's water rights to appropriate and manage water within its own

borders without interference from the federal government.

Water rights should belong to individuals, not the government. As such, they should be
considered private property and protected by government.

In support of this concept, we support continued federal and state legislation to prevent

inter-basin transfer of Idaho's water to other areas.

The transfer of water should properly be left to the private sector.

We encourage policies that will more fully use and develop our water while supporting

the Idaho state law of prior appropriation, based on the principle of "first in time is first in

right" for the benefit of all Idahoans.

Policies are not needed for using water. The role of government with regard to water should be
restricted to simply protecting private property rights.

We believe that safeguards exist to protect Idaho's scenic and recreational rivers without

creating more restrictions or regulations on Idaho's river system.

We call upon the federal government cease and desist from calling on further water for

flow augmentation for fish conservation until the benefit of this use has been proven by

unequivocal, thorough scientific research. Further, Idaho waters can only be approved for

out-of-state use by legislative action by the State of Idaho, from willing sellers through

established rental pools.

The federal government should not have jurisdiction over Idaho’s waters. In addition, the state
of Idaho should not place government restrictions on water usage.

We support increased retention of Idaho water through recharge and the acquisition of

new reservoir sites.

The retention of water should be left up to free market forces and private enterprise.

The Idaho Republican Party supports quality of private life and economic stability of

Idaho families, communities, and industries, and opposes removal or breaching of

existing dams.

We support all legal opposition to any and all efforts to usurp Idaho's sovereignty over

water within Idaho borders. Further, we support the attorney general in defending the

state’s position on these and all other water issues, and support the State Legislature in

continuing to adequately fund the Idaho Constitutional Defense Fund for these purposes.

The proper way to solve federal usurpation would be through nullification measures.


Recognizing that energy is vital to the economic growth of industry within our state, the

Idaho Republican Party strongly supports a progressive, common-sense, equitable energy

policy that encourages research and development of our energy resources, including

hydroelectric power, petroleum, nuclear energy, and new technologies.

Energy development should be left to the private sector, free from government policies.

The Idaho Republican Party supports efforts to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

We support efforts to increase American exploration and production of American crude

oil and natural gas, and support voluntary efforts to improve efficiencies and promote

conservation. Congress must end its ban on American energy exploration on U.S. soil

and on the Outer Continental Shelf and provide for not restrict additional American refining

capacity. We must make America’s resources available to U.S. citizens.

Idaho has the lowest electrical rates of the fifty states. Nothing should be done in the

deregulation process that might raise those rates. The benefits of hydroelectric power

should be retained for the citizens of Idaho. We support the Idaho Congressional

Delegation's efforts through federal legislation to opt out of any mandated deregulation.

Rates should be left entirely up to the utilities that are providing services. The government
should not be involved in price fixing.

We encourage continuous review and updating of all energy resources and their multiple

use benefit for our citizens.

There is no need for government review of energy resources on behalf of citizens; they are quite
capable of performing that task themselves.



The Idaho Republican Party recognizes the important contribution to the state's economy

from its labor force, both in the private and public sector.

Government employees receive their compensation courtesy of the remaining taxpayers;
therefore, the public labor force creates a net drain on the economy.

The Party encourages and supports joint responsibility of employee and employer in

developing and maintaining a safe and sanitary work environment.

No qualified individual should be denied equal opportunity for employment. We support

the Idaho Human Rights Commission, which allows for initial in-state handling of

employment discrimination. We believe that hiring quotas are inherently discriminatory

and should not be required.

Private employers should be able to hire and fire as they see fit. Public hiring should be strictly
based on qualification requirements.

We believe that Idaho employees are best served by the creation of a strong economy and

a favorable job market. Idaho's Republican governors and Legislature deserve credit for

these positive conditions.

Our economy is not strong, nor do we have a favorable job market. Credit would not go to the
governor nor to the legislature even if this were the case. The private sector would be best served
by a truly free market– free from government interference.

We encourage the continued development of education and vocational training to support

a well-trained workforce for an expanding Idaho economy.

The Idaho Republican Party believes that public employees should be hired, retained, and

promoted based on individual merit. Furthermore, we believe that public employees

should be fairly and equitably compensated through rates of pay and benefits comparable

to those paid by private industry for jobs of like value.

Public employees should work for the rate determined by the hiring entity, which may or may not
be comparable to private sector jobs. Individuals should be able to determine the use of their
own income, whether that be retirement savings, insurance, or any other expense that might
traditionally be granted as a benefit; therefore, benefits for public employees should be
eliminated in favor of a higher wage. Benefits are simply a forced allocation of designated

We oppose any effort to repeal the “Right to Work” in Idaho as a violation of the support equal

opportunity for employment and the freedom of association guaranteed in the Bill of


Labor unions should simply not be recognized by the government in any capacity.


The Idaho Republican Party believes that economic growth is the key to enhancing the

quality of life our people so richly deserve. Fiscal responsibility in the form of balanced

state and federal budgets is essential to achieve this goal.

We encourage the Governor and State Legislature to:

• Evaluate each state agency for efficiency and effectiveness and conduct recommended

performance audits,

• Pass legislation that will privatize those agencies which would be better managed as

private corporations,

Create a business environment that promotes development and/or expansion of

businesses in Idaho, and eliminates all onerous and repressive government regulation,


• Support a tax structure that promotes savings and investment by the taxpayers and

investment by businesses in research, development, plant and equipment.

This we propose in order to create jobs for all Idahoans and for our children, who follow,

and to maintain and enhance our quality of life.

We believe there is an inseparable link between a vibrant economy and a high-quality

education system. It takes a vibrant economy to provide the tax base necessary to fund a

high-quality education system. Equally, it takes a high-quality education system to

provide the highly skilled labor force necessary to meet the demands of a growing,

vibrant economy.

High quality education exists in the private sector and it does not require a tax base.


We believe the traditional family to be the basic unit of society. Government officials and

legislators are called upon to protect the traditional family and use all means possible to

prevent expansion of the definition of marriage beyond that of a bond between one

naturally born man and one naturally born woman.

Traditional family values are the foundation of our nation. Families, not government

programs, are the best way to properly nurture and protect our children, care for our

elderly, preserve and perpetuate our cultural and spiritual heritage, and assure that our

traditional values are transmitted to the next generation.

Many of the ills of society can be attributed to the breakdown of the family. Many of the

problems facing the traditional family include, but are not limited to: pornography,

substance abuse, debt, and the lack of simple ‘family’ time. Pornography and substance

abuse are particular in that they distort one’s view of reality, and create detrimental

addictions, which limit one’s ability to operate physically, mentally and emotionally

within the family.

We believe that Idaho's social and fiscal programs should reinforce parental

responsibility and authority, and not promote or reward the disintegration of the family.

The generational cycle of dependence and despair must be broken. The answer is in

education, job opportunities, and individual and family responsibility.

Government welfare programs will never solve the social and financial problems of society.
They must be eliminated completely.

We support a tax system that strengthens a family's economic ability to care for and

support its members. We applaud the Idaho Legislature for its action to eliminate the

marriage penalty in the Idaho tax code and support efforts to eliminate it on the federal


We reaffirm our support for the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn child. We

recognize many strong and diverse views within our party membership on this issue.

Elective abortion should be treated by law as murder. There is no need for the Republican Party
to recognize any other view. Idaho law allows abortions to take place without consequence.
This is morally wrong and it needs to be changed

We oppose the use of federal or state tax funds to aid in the destruction of human life. We

oppose the use of Idaho taxpayer funds to finance so-called “health” abortions. We do not

support abortion based on sex selection, convenience, or as a method of birth control. We

oppose partial birth abortion and support legislation to abolish this practice. We support

parental consent for minors to obtain an abortion. We strongly encourage adoption as an

alternative to abortion and support legislation that expands opportunities and provides

assistance to the adoptive process.

Supporting parental consent for minors to obtain an abortion is supporting abortion itself. It is
wrong to think that abortion is acceptable if a parent grants consent. Would anyone think it was
acceptable for a minor to murder someone if they obtained the consent of their parents?


We believe that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. After a person is

convicted of a crime, however, we believe in swift and just punishment for the

lawbreaker and immediate payment of restitution to the victim.

Courts and the prosecutors should continue to recognize the substantial rights and

interests of crime victims in the judicial process and assure that the victims of serious

crimes are not ignored.

The rights of victims of all crimes, not just serious ones, needs to be recognized. Current law
and the attitude of the courts does not do this. We need serious judicial reform that will return
prosecutorial rights to victims of crimes.

We believe the death penalty is an appropriate consequence for the most heinous crimes,

and that further reform should be made to the appellate procedures so the penalty can be

carried out in a timely process.

The goal in capital punishment cases should not be expediency; it should be to ascertain
complete culpability beyond any reasonable doubt.

Our party encourages the Idaho Legislature to modify the post-conviction relief statutes

to enable DNA considerations where appropriate.

We recognize the enormous financial burden placed upon society by criminals.

Therefore, we support requiring inmates, to the extent they are capable, to perform labor

or otherwise contribute to the cost of their incarceration.

We recognize that juvenile justice is a major concern. We support timely accountability

and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders. We support dealing with youth offenses early to

reduce future impact to the welfare and correction systems.

It is appropriate that the commission of crime should be punished according to the nature of the
offense; however, it does not fall within the proper role of government to rehabilitate criminals.
In the particular case of juveniles, the state must not assume a parental role. The juvenile
corrections act needs to be replaced in its entirety.

Recognizing the dreadful consequences of illegal drug and substance abuse in our

society, we call upon our national, state and local leaders to refocus efforts in the war on

drugs. We encourage all Idaho citizens, and their religious, civic, and community

organizations, to be actively engaged in this effort.

The war on drugs is a deception. The government does not have the right to restrict access to any
natural resource or derivation thereof. If a crime (meaning a violation of life, liberty, or property)
is committed, the offender should be punished. If no crime is committed, there is no need for the
government to get involved. Victimless crimes do not exist; a crime must have a victim.

We support creative alternative sentencing, such as drug courts, and treatment for nonviolent


I support sentences that fit the crime. For instance, any form of stealing should result in
repayment to the victim, not a prison sentence. Our prisons are filled in a large measure by those
who have no reason to be there. Incarceration is only a proper option for short term restraint and
violent offenders who pose a threat to society at large. The proper role of government does not
include the treatment of offenders, as this cannot be considered a punishment.

The Idaho Republican Party supports the right of the individual to keep and bear arms, as

guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and article one section

eleven of the Idaho State Constitution. We commend efforts of organizations to preserve

and foster that right, including Right-to-Carry laws.

The state constitution fails in the guarantee of our individual right to protect ourselves. No law is
needed to guarantee that right, and all laws that restrict the right to bear arms needs to be
repealed. We do not need “permission” from the government to bear arms, including concealed

We further believe in protection of the American firearms industry against harassing

lawsuits that blame them for the acts of criminals. We call for more enforcement of

current laws against violent criminals, not more “gun control” aimed at law-abiding


We believe the federal government should not regulate intrastate ammunition and

firearms sales

The federal government and the state government should not engage in regulating firearms and

W strongly oppose the United States entering into any international agreements or treaties

which would undermine, limit or interfere with the individual right to own and bear arms.


The Idaho Republican Party supports a private enterprise health care delivery system that

provides cost-effective, quality health care with minimal government regulation and


Government should not interfere with, nor regulate, health care and insurance. These are private
decisions that are to be made by individuals.

We recognize the need for and promote effective and accessible health care for all


We support the rights of individuals to select their health care and insurance provider.

Regulations that forbid Idahoans from buying insurance across state lines should be


We oppose socialized medicine, government mandated health insurance, and any other

attempts to encourage socialism in America.

We believe the emerging concepts of “defined contribution plans” and “medical savings

accounts” should continue to be encouraged, because truly positive market forces can

only occur when the fundamental right to make individual marketplace decisions is

restored to Idahoans.

We believe the primary responsibility for the health and welfare of our citizens resides

with individuals and their families. We encourage all people to exercise the responsibility

of the individual and the family in making healthy life choices and caring for their own

health and well-being.

All responsibility resides with the individual and their families.

We believe health and welfare programs should be administered with a minimum of

bureaucracy and a goal of helping all recipients return to a self-sustaining and productive

life. We encourage the citizen advisory committees over health and welfare programs to

reassert their oversight responsibilities. We reject the practice of active recruitment of

employed and employable people as welfare and Medicaid recipients.

Government health and welfare programs should all be eliminated.

We support enforcement of child support laws in order to assure the restoration of

parental responsibility and the enhancement of financial security for children.


The Idaho Republican Party supports a strong national defense. We support strong

contingents of our U. S. Armed Forces. We strongly support our Idaho National Guard

under the command of Idaho’s governor. We believe in peace through strength, so that

our children will enjoy the blessings of freedom.

Idaho should have a militia formed according to the constitution. The National Guard does not
meet the definition.

We support the efforts that are underway to establish an effective National Missile

Defense System to protect American citizens. We also oppose any efforts to re-enter the

ABM or any other treaty restricting America’s ability to protect itself from attack.

We support efforts to combat terrorism within the scope of the constitution, including the

use of military force, in response to the events of September 11, 2001, and any other

terrorist threats to our nation. We support the securing the national border and the

prosecution of those who violate our laws.

Retribution for events of September 11, 2001 could have been handled though letters of Marque
and Reprisal. Wars must be declared by Congress.

American combat troops should not be used as "world policemen." UN combat

operations should be supported by a multi-national coalition, and where U. S. forces are

committed in UN combat operations, the United States should retain ultimate command

of its forces.

We need to immediately end our membership in the United Nations.

We support appropriate amendments to limit incursions upon personal freedoms, rights,

and liberties of American citizens.

There is no need to amend the constitution to accomplish these goals. We need adherence to the
constitution instead.


The Idaho Republican Party believes that America owes her freedom to the service of its

military veterans. In fact, the nation owes them more than thanks. We reinforce our

commitment to their needs both at home and abroad. We support the Idaho National

Guard and commend their response to the request of the nation to serve our country.

The troops need to come home. There is no need to have bases scattered across the world, and
there is no need to fight in undeclared wars. Those who truly value the lives of our troops need
to recognize that our foreign policy must be based on non-intervention and peace.


The Idaho Republican Party has always supported and will continue to support older

Americans. The party will work to preserve and promote opportunities in America so that

older Americans can provide for themselves. Those unable to care for themselves will

have access to services available in Idaho – city, county, state and federal.

The track record of the Republican Party does not show support for older Americans.
Government should not be involved in providing services to any special interest segment of

The Idaho Republican Party will continue to oppose policies that penalize older

Americans who continue to work.


America's small business entrepreneurs have led the way in fueling the economic

recovery and provide the engine for future economic growth. We must keep them strong

to ensure lasting prosperity.

The Idaho Republican Party reaffirms its historic ties with business people and pledges

continued efforts to help this energetic segment of our economy continue to provide jobs

for our citizens.

The Republican Party would best serve those in business by following the statements regarding
business found in the section on Fiscal Responsibility in this document.

We support a climate conducive to small business growth. Over-regulation and excessive

regulatory requirements break the back of small business. Such regulation must be

reduced and eliminated.

Reducing regulation is not enough. It must be eliminated.

We support creation and maintenance of a tax base that is fair and equitable to all


Businesses should not be taxed at all. I support a voluntary capitation tax to fund government.


We, as Idaho Republicans, expect all individuals in government at all levels, including

elected officials, to conduct themselves within the highest and strictest standards of

personal conduct in carrying out their duties.

The people of Idaho demand leaders who will uphold their oath of office and the

Constitution and are accountable to the people who elect them. We call upon the State

Chairman to communicate to the party at large information regarding adherence by

Republican federal office holders, statewide office holders, and State Legislators

adherence to the state party platform and applicable resolutions adopted at our state

conventions and party meetings. The State Chairman shall prepare and send to each

Republican candidate for any federal office, statewide office, and any legislative office a

request to sign the following statement:

Candidate Disclosure

(1) “I have read the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican

Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate

and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate,

officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”


(2) “I have read the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions

specifically noted below, I support the Idaho Republican Party Platform and

accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an

officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer,

delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

The candidate disclosure statements and any exceptions noted therein, shall be posted on

the Idaho Republican Party internet site at least 30 days prior to the state primary election

and shall be made available to anyone making a request. Should any candidate fail to

submit the Disclosure Statement, the Party Chairman will announce this failure no later

than 40 days prior to the primary election.

We ask that all candidates certify they are not a candidate, officer, delegate or position

holder in any party other than the Republican Party.

I am in agreement with this section; however, it belongs in the rules, not the platform.

We firmly believe the most effective, responsible and responsive government is the

government closest to the people.


The Idaho Republican Party believes that government works best when its citizens

become actively involved. The Party encourages all citizens to engage in healthy debate

on all issues that will increase citizen control of government.

We encourage all citizens to educate themselves in constitutional government and to be

full participants in the political process.

Our party seeks to heighten the level of discourse by encouraging all office holders,

candidates and citizens to be civil, dignified, honest and forthright in their discussions,

actions, statements and political processes. This includes the actions of special interest

groups who provide support for or against any Idaho candidate.

The Idaho Republican Party Believes that Primary elections in the Idaho Republican

Party should be open to all the people who have registered as a Republican prior to the

primary election and that the Idaho Legislature should pass legislation that would provide

for the same. To allow those who have no loyalty or allegiance to the Idaho Republican

Party or its' platform and Resolutions to select our candidates is simply not proper.

While political parties have their place in political discourse, the government should not get
involved in partisan politics. Political parties are private organizations and the government
should not support nor recognize them in any way. This would include no longer using taxpayer
funds to hold primary elections on behalf of the party, not printing party affiliation next to
candidate’s names on general election ballots, ending all partisan leadership positions in
government, and ending party affiliation as a matter of public record.


The Idaho Republican Party opposes any attempt to undermine the constitutional right of

the people to select justices in an open competitive election process.


We, the Republican Party of Idaho, recognize that the beautiful and fruitful land that we

have been given by the God, our Creator, must be properly cared for to ensure that its

rich blessings will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come. We recognize that it

is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to act as a steward of their environment and

that government involvement should be limited at best.

Government must be restricted to its proper role.

We discourage international regulations on industry which attempt to halt the production

of certain industrial byproducts. Instead we encourage citizens to adopt buying habits

that promote a clean earth.

We also encourage the development and use of nuclear energy as a clean, efficient

solution to energy and environmental needs.


In 1889 the people of Idaho forfeited unappropriated public lands to the federal

government in order to gain statehood. We believe the Idaho Constitution should be

amended to give Idaho the right to these lands.

Idaho became a state the following year via the Idaho Admission Act in 1890, and thus obtained
the same standing as all other states. Under the constitution, the federal government is only
allowed certain lands for certain purposes. The state of Idaho should seek to convey all
government held lands that are in violation of the constitution to the private sector.